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Founded in 1983

Armour Roofing was founded by my father, Jerry Cruise, in Peoria, IL, back in 1983. Jerry discovered his entrepreneurial spirit when he was laid off from teaching high school math in 1979. After limited success in the home remodeling field, he decided to look elsewhere.


So, in 1983, he left the remodeling field and purchased a distributorship for Conklin Roofing Systems and thus began our journey into commercial roofing.

I Never Strayed After Taking Over

I have continued to operate with a small crew, focusing on quality roofs that are installed with the craftsmanship and efficiency that I learned from my father.

Call us and utilize our 32 years of expertise. Schedule an appointment for a FREE estimate.


Jerry Never Found a Better System

Studies have proven that sprayed-foam systems will generally pay for themselves within the initial warranty period through increased energy savings.

Your Satisfaction is GUARANTEED

Neither am I perfect, nor is my company; however, we do strive to do our roofs the right way. If I can answer any questions, please contact me and I will answer them as best as I can.

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