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Expert Metal Roof Waterproofing

Stop worrying about how to repair rust and water damage to your metal roof.

You know rust can cause structural and aesthetic problems, so let Armour Roofing of Dahinda repair and waterproof your roof to protect your investments.


Your satisfaction is always 100% GUARANTEED when you choose us to use our 32 years of experience to protect your roof.

Save Money on Heating and Cooling

Your air conditioning and heating costs will plummet because your newly sealed roof will help hold in the air you want, without absorbing sunlight to heat your building.

Call today and schedule a FREE estimate for your metal roof waterproofing. 309-879-2634

Benefits of Waterproofing

• Stops rust

• Seals the fasteners

• Seals the seams

• Reflective finish

Protective Seamless Membranes

Seamless membranes will protect the weak spots that all roofs have - from seams and fasteners to flashings. Your roof will last longer, thus protecting your investment.

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