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High-Performance Sprayed-Foam Roofing

Don't settle for a sub-par roofing system anymore. If you're tired of a leaking roof and losing money to keep your building cool, let Armour Roofing, Inc. solve your problems with the Sprayed-Foam system.


You'll get expert service from people with over 30 years of experience.  Your roof will be getting only expert application that is unmatched by anyone else.


Lower Heating & Cooling Bills

Save on heating and cooling costs with an extra R-6.5 per inch of foam and a Reflective topcoat (85%). Many

foam roofs pay for themselves within ten years.

Call us today and schedule a FREE estimate for your sprayed-foam system. 309-879-2634

Sustainable Sprayed Foam

A foam roof isn't disposable.  It's designed to be recoated at the end of its initial warranty period, thus extending its service life by another 10-20 years depending on the particular coating used.

Peace of Mind

Why put thousands of holes in your old roof just to hold the new one on? Sprayed-Foam is self-adhering. Water can't get under our roof and travel to the nearest screw hole to find its way into your building.

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