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"I Highly Recommend Armour Roofing"

"Our main building is a combination of an original metal building and three large additions, constructed over the course of 10 years. The seams between the additions started leaking several years ago. We worked on these seams several times on our own, but then other leaks started giving us problems as well. We tried a roofing paint product from our local hardware store.  

This product was rather expensive and took several hours by our own employees to apply. This application helped a few of the leaks for a short period of time only.


Ryan Cruise of Armour Roofing had applied the Conklin Roofing System on a commercial property for us a few years before at another location. We were extremely pleased with the finished product. Therefore, we decided to have Armour apply the Foam Roofing System on our main building here and the MR System on our body shop facility at this same location. We were pleased with the application job and work crew. The roofs of all of our buildings have been completely leak free. It was a great relief when the first rain fell and we did not have to carry and dump buckets.


I highly recommend Ryan Cruise, Armour Roofing, and the Conklin Roofing System."


-Travis Heil (Heil Enterprises, Inc.)

"We Reduced our Costs Dramatically"

"Cope Plastics had Armour Roofing install a new Conklin Foam Roof back in June of 2000. With both an R-factor of 6 and an 85% reflective coating, we reduced both our heating and air conditioning costs dramatically. The non-air conditioned warehouse stays much cooler in the summer, which pleases our workers. There have been no problems with the roof at all. Armour Roofing did an excellent, timely job of installation and we experienced no disruptions of our work place. I would recommend Armour Roofing and the Conklin Foam Roofing System to anyone looking for a new roof on their building."


- Steve Riexinger (Cope Plastics Co.)

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